The Chance to change

When a non-violent offender is sent to prison, they are given a choice. Do they sit and stew about their situation or make lemon aid out of lemons. That is why we supply them with the accounting classes provided by Frank Dinucci.

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Highly Involved classes teach them the basics

When our inmates decide to join the accounting classes, they aren’t just taught the basics. They are given a full top to bottom lesson on everything from debts and credits to Cash flow statements.

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Start their new lives

This isn’t just some gimmick either because once they get out of jail, they will have all the skills they need to get a real job at an actual job at an accounting firm of their choice. That’s right. There is life after prison!

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Prison doesn’t mean it’s the end…

Our prisons are overcrowded but everything is not what it seems. This overcrowding does not mean that the world is overrun my murderers, it just means that more people are getting arrested for non-violent crimes.

It’s not that people shouldn’t be punished for doing wrong but when they are arrested for minor felonies and small time charges, they still have a chance to redeem themselves and have a life once they get out of college.

That is why I started my accounting classes for inmates. The accounting field is an ever growing one and the need for accountants is growing every day. We can meet these employment needs by teaching inmates the ins and outs of accounting so that they can join the work force upon their release.

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What Do These classes entail?

More and more inmates are joining these classes every day, but just what does an accounting class taught by Frank Dinuci and made for inmates entail? Click the button to the right to find out…

What they learn…